Now in English for the first time.

Beautifully written and faithfully translated, Perroux’s work stands the test of time, taking us back through his own eyes, to the days when bridge between nations was in its infancy, capturing the moods of the time, and bringing household names to life.

Step back to a different time, before technology brought international competition to our homes.

This is the story of bridge at the highest levels played across the globe spanning the years 1951 -1969. From Stockholm to Buenos Aires, New York to Vienna we learn of the trials, tribulations, challenges and delights experienced by the greatest players the game has ever known.


Captain Perroux is recognised as the greatest, leading the Italian ‘Blue Team’ to numerous victories in European and world competition. His book gives insight into the intricacies and vagaries of team spirit – motivation & desire to win, countered with managing success and conflicting priorities. His style of writing is elegant, arrogant and forthright, a wonderful tribute to the memory of a highly educated well read man. Carlo Alberto’s linguistic skill and meticulous attention to detail by translator Maurizio Di Sacco, give us a book where the footnotes tell a rich and fascinating story of their own.

This book is for every bridge player to indulge in the gossip, the intrigue and drama of this game we all love so much!

Discover … the Fort Apache four … the scandal of Buenos Aires 1965 … the cheating accusations put to the Blue Team … which Italian Blue Team member sang on a boat … which American woman faced the Blue Team at their peak … who said “I said One Diamond” to gain IMPs for his team.